Indian Kombucha Brands With The Best Renditions Of The Fermented Tea

The allure of kombucha clearly hasn’t faded over the centuries and has transcended borders globally. The Indian market, too, can’t get enough of it. By Naina Atri

Sometimes sweet, sometimes tart, this fermented beverage, with its origins in ancient China, has moved beyond the wellness and medical circles. Amongst the plethora of medicinal benefits, which vary based on your source, the one universally agreed-upon gift of the kombucha is rooted in its digestive properties. While we’re no medical experts, we can say for certain it tastes good. Over the years, the tea made from the disc-shaped SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) has been produced in a spade of delicious variations. These seven kombucha Indian brands have handcrafted their flavour profiles that kombucha-fiends can’t get enough of.

Stock up your fridges with kombucha from these 7 Indian brands

Launched in 2018, Delhi-based brand Atmosphere focuses on gut health, which for founders and sisters Rebekah (also the founder of Fabcafe) and Ariella, is key to overall wellness. The belief is that a healthy gut empowers people to live well, despite their busy urban lives. The environmental-friendly brand is also geared towards generating livelihood opportunities for women – their website features their all-women taskforce. Atmosphere also accepts and recycles used bottles.

Order their ‘favourite pack’ to get a sense of their flavours, or get your own brewing kit. They also deliver gut-friendly cheesecake and almond flour pasta to accompany your drinks.

Image: atmosphere.in/Instagram

From the lower Dibang Valley to Delhi, kombucha fermented by Bhu, ‘a state of being’, has quite the journey. Founded by writer Isha Sawhney. With eight flavours in total, you can buy single bottles or choose from packs of four and six. Some are more typical, like the green tea kombucha, while others are more interesting, like the coffee and vanilla bean, made in collaboration with Bili Hu Coffees.

Image: bhu.kombucha/Instagram

This family venture, run by brothers Aditya Ishan Varshnei and Anish, is simply put, an attempt (a successful one) to bring a drink once loved in Manhattan to India. Borécha, Konkani for good tea, is produced out of the Latambarcem Brewers in Goa and carries twelve flavours. We suggest you get your hands on their Cola Kombucha (a more guilt-free alternative), the Piña Colada or the orange flavour. If you aren’t necessarily in it for the health benefits, these make for great mixers as well.

Image: borecha.fizz/Instagram

Happy Booch was started by Shailaja Sharma Gandhi, who began her brewing journey in 2016 and was one of the first to introduce the drink to Indian consumers, seeking to share the ‘extra boost of energy’ the drink gave her to others. All-natural and vegan, Happy Booch’s approach to kombucha is joyous and feeds into the world self-care. Chai Spice, Blueberry Boost, Apple Cinnamon Spice (which they say is reminiscent of the classic dessert) and Strawberry Dreams seem to be crowd favourites. So if you find yourself in Mumbai, order yourself a pack of these sparkling bottles.

Image: happybooch/Instagram


Raw Kombucha has a singular aim of making the drink affordable and accessible to those looking to better their lifestyles. From refreshing flavours to selling a starter pack, the brand seeks to enable one’s love for kombucha, including recipes for cocktails. The Pomegranate Blush pairs the pomegranate kombucha with light rum while the Pineapple Splash, with the more tropical vibe, combines vodka, coconut milk and two ounces of their pineapple flavour. Who knows, maybe their kombucha will soon be a fixture in your bar.

Image: getrawkombucha/Instagram

Made on the Krishi Cress farm run by Achintya Anand, Khukrain’s Kombucha brings Ayurveda and plant-based nutrition to the ancient Chinese drink. Their floral flavours have made the brand popular, as have the names of their variations, which give an insight into the benefits of each drink – Stabilize, (Beetroot, Moringa and Indian Hibiscus), Glow (Basil, Guava and Arjun Shak) and Vision (Blue Pea, Swiss Chard and Lemon).

Image: @KhukrainsKombuch/Facebook

Gobiotic Kombucha delivers organically home-brewed probiotic drinks that taste and feel good. Founded by sisters Drs Ritu and Shikhs (kombucha seems to bring families together), the venture was borne out of the realisation of just how beneficial the drink is. You can get a subscription pack of their range, gift someone else a pack or pick and choose your own bottles – you’ll be sure to find your own favourite.

Image: gobiotic.in/Instagram


Indian Kombucha Brands With The Best Renditions Of The Fermented Tea
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