8 Iconic Dessert Joints In Kolkata That Serve Delectable Offerings

Kolkata’s love affair with sweets is not unnoticed. And these iconic dessert joints in Kolkata are proof. By Sreetama Basu

In a city that lives on delectable desserts and sweets, traditional recipes and heritage only add to the mix. From the traditional desserts of Britain and Paris to the more localised renditions, these dessert joints are where you go when you are in need of something sweet and sinful. Here, we curate a roundup of 8 iconic dessert joints in the city that you cannot miss!

Iconic dessert joints in Kolkata you should visit


Flury’s is not just a famous bakery here but an iconic landmark. This has been around for decades, serving loyalists, tourists, and locals. When this iconic joint started, its most frequent visitors were British expats and wealthy Indians who could afford the delicious cakes and the luxurious tea. But today, it is a crowd-favourite and features on blogs and vlogs around the world. From pastries, chocolates, puddings, cakes and mousses to pies, you can never be disappointed here. Make sure you try their iconic Plum Cake around Christmas.

Image: Courtesy Instagram

Kookie Jar

Kookie Jar is known for its highly-rated desserts. Even though their prices are a tad higher than other bakeries in Kolkata, people don’t mind because they are worth the price. From great pastries to tarts to eclairs and swiss rolls, we recommend you to give everything a try here. Their outlets are small, so the takeaway is most recommended, but you can enjoy your peace over a piece of cake at any of their legendary outlets, too. Their Nougat Pastries and Macaron Tarts are to die for!

Image: Courtesy Instagram

Mrs. Magpie

If there’s one place in the city that’s known for legendary desserts and equally cute decor, it is Mrs. Magpie. A South Kolkata icon, the place is done up in a quirky eccentric English cottage style in everything pink and adorable. From picket fences and adorable teacups to cute chairs and tables, this place is perfect when you are feeling fancy. Known for their brownies, cupcakes, and various hot and cold drinks, Mrs. Magpie draws a huge crowd and is always packed.

Image: Courtesy Instagram

Paris Cafe

Paris Cafe was originally in Salt Lake but has several outlets across the city now, thanks to its massive success. With classy accents, ornate photo frames, and chandeliers lighting up the place in a warm glow, this cafe is everything Parisian. They are well known for their range of pastries, cakes, cheesecakes, macaroons, cookies, and more desserts.

Image: Courtesy Instagram

Nahoum and Sons

The only Jewish bakery in Kolkata, Nahoum and Sons was established during the British era to cater to the English men and women who were settled in and around Kolkata. But today, it has become synonymous with the city’s sweet tooth. They have been selling fruit cakes and tarts, and other desserts since its inception! This bakery is small and simple, but its desserts speak for themselves.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/thecrazyseries

The Rouge

A dedicated cupcake joint in the city, The Rouge is the perfect place for the best freshly baked macaroons. Freshly baked tarts, pralines, éclairs, cupcakes with the prettiest frostings — they have it all. As soon as you enter the place, you will feel like you are on a trip to Candyland! A cosy little outlet with mouth-watering offerings, The Rouge has slowly made its mark in the city and has become a favourite in no time! You can also opt for their amazing tea, coffee, shakes and chocolates.

Image: Courtesy Instagram


As the name suggests, it’s all about loving cakes here. From fruit cakes to Christmas cakes, to regular birthday cakes to customised cakes, they do everything that’ll make your mouth water. With several outlets, they look like a simple pastry shop, but one bite into their fares and you will be lost in the world of Cakes’ cakes. They are especially known for baking some of the most intricate and amazing birthday cakes, as per order. They are super tasty, super dependable, and a super favourite in Kolkata!

Image: Courtesy Instagram

8th Day Cafe and Bakery

This place is everything a bakery should be, small, cosy, comfortable and with great food. That’s what makes this so iconic. Their old fashioned apple pies, cinnamon rolls, banana pudding, banana bread, and pumpkin pie are some of the crowd favourites and something you must try!

Image: Courtesy Instagram

Hero and featured image: Courtesy Unsplash/@sebastiancoman

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8 Iconic Dessert Joints In Kolkata That Serve Delectable Offerings
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