These 9 Oldest Restaurants In Delhi Are A Delhiite’s Pride

Delhi is home to many ambrosial delicacies and ingenious condiments. It is here that some of the oldest restaurants continue to serve and thrive. Let’s take a look at 9 of the most iconic and oldest restaurants in Delhi! By Sreetama Basu

Besides its lush green parks and historical monuments and buildings, food holds a really special place in the heart of Delhi. Ranging from street food to high-end restaurants, you will never run out of good eateries here. There are a few restaurants in Delhi that are as old as certain dishes. Their fares are synonyms with the city’s culinary culture and go a long way in making Delhi the food capital of India! 

9 Oldest restaurants in Delhi

Khan Chacha

Operational since 1972, this is one of the first names we think of when we think of rolls and kebabs. This was first started by Haji Banda Hasan, who was popularly known as ‘Khan Chacha’ in Khan Market. With several outlets across the city today, their Chicken Tikka Roll, Paneer Roll and Mutton Kakori Roll are amongst the most highly recommended. But their roomali roti rolls are equally iconic.

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Gulati was started in 1959 as a modest Dhaba and went on to become one of the biggest names for delectable North Indian fares in Delhi. Offering Punjabi, Mughlai and Hyderabadi dishes on the menu, get your share of the best korma and naans you will ever taste.

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One of the oldest restaurants in Delhi, Karim’s has been around since 1913 and is a name familiar in not just Delhi but all over India. The first and original outlet was started in old Delhi, in the Jama Masjid area, and even to date, that outlet draws in the maximum crowd. Known for its raans, baqarkhani and kormas, and signature dishes like the Nikari and Bara Kabab, Karim’s has had generations of people swear by its lip-smacking food.

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Established in 1940, Kwality still stands proud with its 80-year-old heritage in the heart of Delhi. Dunked in nostalgia and an old-world charm, everything about this restaurant is royal. With mouthwatering food, Kwality has maintained its standard of fine dining over all these years. They serve the best Kakori Kebab and Butter Chicken in all of Delhi, and these are must-haves when you visit this restaurant.

Image: Courtesy Instagram

United Coffee House

Established in 1942, a meal at United Coffee House is not just pleasing to the taste buds but to the eyes as well. From North Indian to the Mediterranean to European, their menu has something for everyone. A gateway to colonial architecture with its high ceilings, a grand chandelier and intricate wall motifs, this eatery oozes history in every corner. Do not forget to try their Caffe Latte and Chicken-a-la-Kiev, which are the absolute best.

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Moti Mahal

With a reputation of being the first restaurant in independent India, Moti Mahal brought the flavours of tandoori and Peshawar to India in 1947. It is also believed to be the birthplace of the iconic Butter chicken. Whether that’s true or not, you should absolutely grand a bite of this creamy, buttery dish.

Representative Image: Courtesy Instagram/homecooked.official

Kake Da Hotel

Kake Da Hotel is known for its iconic chicken curries, and you will always find a long queue outside their outlet. Operational since 1931, their butter chicken will make you drool. Some of their must-have dishes are Chicken Seekh Kebab, Dal Makhani, Brain Curry, and Paneer Tikka, and you absolutely cannot miss them!

Image: Courtesy Unsplash/Hamid Roshaan


Established in 1924, Wenger’s is a bakery that hardly needs any introduction. Delhi’s oldest bakery, the interiors of Wenger’s have an old school charm and boasts a huge open kitchen. Their Chocolate Truffle Cake, Red Velvet pastry, cookies and waffles are their most delicious offerings. But their savoury offerings are equally great. Their patties, paninis, dessert verrines, hotdogs, and salads are also unmissable.

Image: Courtesy Instagram

The Embassy Restaurant

No list of iconic restaurants from Delhi is complete without the mention of this age-old restaurant that will take you back in time. Set up in Connaught Place in 1948, right after the partition, Embassy has the influences of European and British culture in its wooden interiors as well as its menu. You should try their Cheese Pakoras, Embassy Fish Curry, and Palak Paneer.

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These 9 Oldest Restaurants In Delhi Are A Delhiite’s Pride
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