11 Parsi Restaurants In Mumbai That Serve The Authentic Irani Cuisine

Here’s your guide to the best and most charming Parsi restaurants in Mumbai for bona fide Irani food. By Sreetama Basu

In the 19th century, numerous Zoroastrian nationals who had fled from Iran to avoid persecution started settling in India, especially Mumbai. They came to be known as Parsis. As a food-loving community that’s been an integral part of the Indian culture for more than a century — they have braided together Iranian, British, Portuguese, and Goan influence and cuisine, along with Gujarati cuisine.

Nowruz, or Navroz, is known as the Persian New Year, according to the Solar Hijri calendar, an Iranian calendar used officially in Iran and Afghanistan. It begins on the spring equinox and marks the beginning of Farvardin, the first month of the Solar Hijri calendar. However, in India, most Parsis follow Shahenshahi calendar, according to which, Nowruz is celebrated around the time of independence day in August.

Through the various Parsi restaurants in Mumbai, they have blended well into the cultural and culinary landscape of the city. If you are thinking of authentic Parsi food, think of dhansak with gently-spiced meat and rice dishes from Iran, which is layered with Gujarati dal and spices, thus creating a balance of sweet, spicy, and sour flavours.

Must-visit Parsi restaurants in Mumbai

Like most other Parsi restaurants in Mumbai, this place, too, will greet you with its old and rundown look. It is when you get in that the rich aroma from their freshly baked buns and cakes fill up the place and your heart. With its old-world charm and friendly staff, Yazdani Bakery & Restaurant is one of the oldest and best Parsi restaurants in Mumbai. They are known for their Carrot Cake and Bun Maska, which is topped with raisins and their fluffy Muffins.

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Located in the bylanes in the bustling business district of the Fort area, Cafe Military is a classic Parsi cafe. With antique wooden panels and mirrors, bentwood chairs, a round wooden clock, and glass-topped tables, this place will feel like you have travelled back in time. It is famous for its hearty Chicken Dhansak and Kheema Pao, to be finished off with a creamy, milky bowl of caramel custard.

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From Bun Maska to Mava Puffs to Macaroons, Merwan & Co. serves the most authentic Parsi food in the city. Even in this day and age, it is still light on the pocket and starts its business shortly after sunrise. So, if you are in the area for your morning walk or run, you can grab a quick breakfast here. Also, make sure to try their Plum Cakes and Omelettes.

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Kyani & Co’s chequered table cloths and vintage wooden furniture are old and unruffled and will take you down memory lane as you grab a table here. With a homely touch and old-world charm, you will lose track of time here as you gorge on their delicacies. With a historical menu, the place is filled with Parsi specialities.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/streetandgourmet

One of the oldest and most popular Parsi restaurants in Mumbai, Britannia and Co carries a legacy of its own. Open only for lunch, it is most famous for its Indian-Irani hybrid dish, Beri Pulao. Fluffy rice tossed with chicken, onions and zereshk berries, this dish is worth all the hype. Apart from that, the fried boomla (Bombay duck) is as authentic as it gets.

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A small cafe with rustic Parsi decor, Cafe Irani Chai is as Irani as it sounds. Tucked away in one of the small lanes of Mahim, this place is easy to miss as it’s hard to spot. But their food is anything but that. Their Berry Pulao, Chicken dishes and meat snacks are worth all the hype you must have heard of from your friends. So is their bread pudding, coupled with a hot cup of Irani chai! It can’t get better than this!

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Clearly the most commercial and swankiest place on this list, Soda Bottle Openerwala chain of restaurants serving Parsi food in different cities. With tasty and authentic Parsi food, Soda Bottle Openerwala is slowly making a reputation for itself among purists as well. Their Mutton Dhansak and Eggs Kejriwal are their must-haves, and you should try them.

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Nestled in Bandra West, this place serves delectable Parsi food that will make you fall in love with them. They are known for their delicious tarts that are baked fresh and are hard to resist. Available in two flavours, lemon and chocolate, these dense tarts will leave you asking for more.

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With several outlets across the city, RTI accommodates continental dishes like pasta and baked cauliflower happily along with Parsi favourites such as dhansak. Their snacks are the main attraction. With items like boozy rum balls, cheese straws and crunchy saria on their menu, you can never get enough.

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If you want to stop somewhere for Kheema Ghotala, this charming Irani café in Fort is your address. Kheema Ghotala is a dish of minced mutton scrambled with egg and served with loaves of soft pao. That’s just one of the many Parsi dishes you will find here. You could also try their delicious Khichdi Kheema Papad and bread pudding.

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With views of the racecourse, walking tracks, and vast green lawns amid a crowded urban landscape, Gallops is one of the most authentic Parsi restaurants in Mumbai. The best part? Gallops is rolling out a Navroz Special Menu from March 18 to March 27, 2022. Presenting a fusion of traditional flavours with an innovative twist, each dish on the menu has been curated with an authentic flair. Whether you’re a regular or a first-timer wanting to try a traditional Parsi meal, Gallops is a must-visit. On the Navroz-special menu, you will find traditional Parsi delicacies, such as Akuri, Faredoon Na Farcha, Salli Boti, Kolmi Ni Curry and desserts like Udvada Nu Sancha Nu Mango Ice Cream, Lovji Na Lagan Nu Custard and many more.

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11 Parsi Restaurants In Mumbai That Serve The Authentic Irani Cuisine
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