10 Seafood Restaurants In Kolkata That Should Be On Your Bucket List

In a city full of people that love their fish and shrimp, the rich seafood culture is inevitable. These seafood restaurants in Kolkata testify just that. By Sreetama Basu

From pabda to pomfret to the more exquisite hilsa, squid and octopus, the seafood hold a special place in the culinary world of Kolkata. Whether it is the exotic Bengali seafood preparations, the good ol’ Indo Chinese seafood or even Continental, for a true seafood lover, there is no dearth of restaurants in the city. Even though tons of other cuisines from around the world have made their way into the city, the love for fish and seafood will always remain special for this city and its people. Today, we explore some of the best restaurants that the city swears by for its share of seafood.

Best seafood restaurants in Kolkata

Santa’s Fantasea

Probably the most unique restaurant on the list, Santa’s Fantasea is a tribal and seafood restaurant that has become one of the favourite spots in the city. The menu has two parts — the tribal part and the seafood part. The tribal food part is intriguing with its range of food served inside bamboo stems. But its wide variety of seafood remains the best part. One of the go-to places for Octopus as you will find a range of octopus preparations on the menu here. You will also find pomfret, crab and lobster here, for when you’re feeling really fancy.

Image: Courtesy Instagram

6 Ballygunge Place

This restaurant is every local’s favourite for its authentic Bengali fare, speaking of which, seafood is an indispensable part. Their must-haves are Gondhoraj Grilled Bhetki, Aam Tel Ilish, Loitya Shutki, which also happen to be their flagship dishes. So visit this place today to indulge in the most authentic Bengali seafood delicacies.

Image: Courtesy Instagram

Bijoli Grill

The fish specialist in Bengal, Bijoli Grill needs no introduction to this list. It has attained the status of a heritage shop, given how much Bengalis love this place for their seafood. Visit any of their outlets today and enjoy the classic Fish and Chips and the cutlets.

Image: Courtesy Instagram


A Chinese and Seafood restaurant on the Southern Avenue, Ecstasea is known for its exquisite seafood without burning a hole in your pocket. From the regular momos, soups and noodles to the more exotic local fish, shrimp and lobster to octopus and squid — this restaurant has it all. Don’t forget to give their Teriyaki Octopus, Jumbo Lobster in your choice of sauce and Squid Ring Fry a try when you visit this place.

Image: Courtesy Instagram


Pappadam is a unique addition to this list because of its coastal roots. Specialising in coastal seafood cuisine, Pappadam is one of the few places in Kolkata offering authentic coastal flavours and fresh seafood. Serving coastal dishes from states like Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh to the city of Bengal, Pappadam gives a unique spin to the classic seafood scene in the city. Don’t forget to try their Gung Mourala Fry in Goan style, Andra Pradesh special Squid Chettinad, Pomfret Malabar Curry and Mangalore Ghee Roast of a Whole crab.

Image: Courtesy Instagram

Bhojohori Manna

Bringing the best of Istanbul, Mishawr, and Kabul to Bengali cuisine, Bhojohori Manna has acquired a cult status in Kolkata. If you are visiting this place for the first time, be prepared to go back multiple times to try all their famous offerings. Pomfret Paturi, Deshi Pabda, Mohonbagani Chingrir Kebab are just some of the unmissable dishes on the menu here.

Image: Courtesy Instagram

Saptapadi Restaurant

With a vintage cinema theme and warm tones, this place will leave you feeling nostalgic. While the interiors are adorned with old posters of movies and artists, the prime focus here is the food. Chingri Sobar Opore, Crispy Chilli Mourola, Panchforan Bati Chingri are some of the dishes you absolutely have to try here to get the taste of what a Bengali’s love for seafood tastes like.

Image: Courtesy Instagram

Ocean Grill

A swanky restaurant with unique and vibrant blue interiors, this place will take you back to the seas. Not just decor-wise, their food is also every seafood lover’s paradise. With an a la carte and buffet option on board, you can choose either. Oysters, Prawns, Sole, Pomfret, and Beckti — you name it, they have it. Their must-haves are Chilli Crab Claws, the OG’s Seafood Platter and the Whole Red Snapper, which will leave you coming back for more.

Image: Courtesy Instagram

Baan Thai

One of the most romantic restaurants in Kolkata, Baan Thai is situated in the ultra-luxurious Oberoi Grand. With a massive range of authentic Thai dishes, this is one of the best seafood restaurants in Kolkata. Their Seafood Noodles, Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai Noodle, Thai Green Curry, and Fish Cakes are must-haves.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/snogxfood

SurFiré The Coastal Café

A 32-seater, all-day diner serving Tamil, Goan and Kerala cuisine has become the city’s favourite because of its range of delicious seafood. With a colourful yet serene ambience, you will get everything here. From Prawn Chettinad to Pork Vindaloo to Thattukada Mutton, welcome the best of South India to Bengal.

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10 Seafood Restaurants In Kolkata That Should Be On Your Bucket List
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