Top 5 Things To Carry While Taking Winter Breaks During Long Weekends

It can be difficult to pack for the colder weather, especially since thick winter-wears tussle for space in suitcases. To help you break away from this task, we’ve curated the top five must-haves to carry on those cold days so you can enjoy your winter travels without a worry! By Bayar Jain

There’s a certain charm in vacationing during the colder months, especially when it coincides with long weekends. Be it the gentle prick of the wind amid swaying trees or swishing down iced slopes at full slides. Or even posing against soaring landmarks as wool-draped tourists throng the space. Irrespective of the kind of traveller you are, vacationing in winter is sure to entice. Packing for it, however, is a whole different ball game!

But, don’t worry! We’re here to make life easier. Trust our guide of top five must-haves to carry along during your winter travels and cruise through the packing process.


If there’s one thing to dislike about vacationing in winter, it’s the resultant skin problems that arise, especially when on-the-go. After all, while cold winds may please, the epidermis feels otherwise. And for this, the perfect companion to pop in your bag is Prolixr’s ultimate skin bundle. This easy-to-carry kit consists of Aqua Marine Foaming Cleanser, Black Rose Honey Facial Scrub, Detoxifying Sea Algae Face Mask, Vitamin C Serum, and Very Berry Moisturiser. Made using botanical ingredients, this skincare brand is all natural and cruelty-free. The efficacy, too, is not compromised. This ultimate bundle will detoxify and rid your skin of pollutants, cleanse impurities and dirt, and nourish your skin from within. And it’s easy to carry, too!


Having cold feet is unappealing; nightmarish when travelling. Carry along quirky and eye-popping socks to match your personality, and bid adieu to freezing feet. Putting colours at the fore, the founder of the socks-y brand, Aayush Goenka, has been in the business for almost 25 years. No wonder, then, they have fun designs that have you covered for all weathers and situations—ankle, low-cut, loafer, or even diabetic-friendly! What’s more–they rely on the best fibres, constructions, and functional innovations to give your feet the much-needed breathe-easy comfort to walk for hours!


A must-have irrespective of season, CarryYourBottle should be your best friend for every vacation, even for your winter travels. Founded with the aim of eliminating the reliance on single-use plastics while travelling, this project not only empowers you with the right tool to combat pollution and travel sustainably, but it also encourages a healthy lifestyle. Available in copper and steel in varying sizes, these bottles are easy to carry. The Hot & Cool collection, in particular, is designed to keep liquids at their original temperatures for hours, courtesy of the double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel body inside. These bottles are lightweight, durable, and spill-proof, too!

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

For many, nothing warms the soul better than coffee. And Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters’ Easy To Pour collection ensures these caffeine indulgences are catered to while travelling as well. The quick, uncomplicated single-serve sachets make brewing speciality coffee easy. Available in a variety of flavours and aromas, these roasts are sure to satiate all kinds of coffee drinkers. Each sachet contains a filter filled with ground coffee. This filters can be anchored directly on the cup, which makes the filtering  process easier.

Coco Soul

Harsh winter winds can spell doom for you hair, but Coco Soul has the ideal solution for it. Celebrating the power of coconut goodness, Coco Soul creates cent per cent chemical-free and vegan products. Their hair care products are prepared with cold-pressed, food-grade organic Virgin King Coconut oil from the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka, and Ayurveda-approved herbs with medicinal properties. Plus, they even offer trial-sized packaging which makes it easier to carry them along in your carryons without worrying about space constraints.

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Bayar Jain

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