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The UK Is Set To Rework COVID-19 Guidelines For International Travellers

Within the larger conversation about ‘living with the coronavirus’, the UK is planning on doing away with certain COVID-19 guidelines on international arrivals. By Naina Atri

With guidelines in a constant state of flux, the UK government, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is planning on scrapping the self-isolation requirement currently imposed on international travellers, including travellers from India. The requirement of COVID-19 tests may also be done away with as part of this move, reducing the protocols placed on fully vaccinated travellers.

What the UK’s upcoming plans for international travellers look like

As per the current rules, travellers arriving in the UK are required to stay at their declared address for seven days until they present a negative COVID-19 test. About a week ago, UK health secretary Sajid Javid said that COVID-19 self-isolation in England will be cut to five days from seven if someone tests negative twice, as reported by Business Today

As reported by Hindustan Timesnon-compliance rules will not elicit a fine or any legal repercussion; certain regulations will be taken to be viewed as advisory. The suggestion of such plans has been made in view of the declining cases in the UK and is set to come into action in the coming months.

The UK government is also set to drop its Plan B coronavirus restrictions, reports The Times of IndiaThe Plan B restrictions mandated work-from-home, the wearing of masks, and the use of COVID-19 passes to enter certain venues. These rules were issued in response to the spread of the Omicron variant. The Boris Johnson-led government believes that the country can withstand the virus without going into a total and strict lockdown, as reported by Hindustan Times.

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