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Founder Of Anshuka Yoga Gym, Anshuka Parwani lets Us In On The Idea Behind FlyFit, Her Idea Wellness Holiday And More

Mumbai-based Anshuka Parwani turned to yoga after a bike accident forced her to take a break from her flying career. She is now a celebrity trainer, aerial yoga expert, and founder of the Anshuka Yoga gym. Parwani lets us in on her journey, the wellness trends she foresees, and recommended yoga poses for daily practice. By Bayar Jain

T+L India: Tell us about the inception of Anshuka Yoga

Anushka Parwani: I am a commercial pilot who lost her job because of a near-fatal bike accident. I was deemed physically unfit to fly thereafter. Part of my long and very tough recovery regime was physical therapy and yoga. That whole journey led me to do my teacher training, and I never went back to flying because I realised my calling was yoga. That is when I started Anshuka Yoga.

Image: Courtesy of Anshuka Yoga

T+L India: How did FlyFit come into being?

Anshuka Parwani: During one of my travels, I discovered aerial yoga. For me, it combines the rush of adrenaline, which I used to get while flying, with my passion for yoga. It took me eight months to curate the programme called FlyFit, which is an amalgamation of aerial pilates, aerial yoga, and aerial fitness. The idea is to allow a hammock to support you for 60 minutes. It allows you to do so much more than what you can do on a mat.

T+L India: What are the things you do to ensure fitness while travelling?

Anshuka Parwani: I always make sure that I am hydrated. I carry a three-litre water bottle everywhere. I make sure I take 10-15 minutes every four to six hours to stretch and get that circulation going. I am also mindful of what I eat.

T+L India: The pandemic has put the spotlight back on well-being. Which wellness trends do you predict for 2022?

Anshuka Parwani: Virtual yoga classes are here to stay. It has made practising yoga quicker and more accessible. There will be a more holistic approach to health rather than a focus on fancy diets and weight-loss programmes. It isn’t just about that one-hour workout anymore, it’s about making better choices for the other 23 hours of the day as well.

T+L India: What is your idea of the ideal wellness holiday?

Anshuka Parwani: Farm-to-table food; somewhere amid nature; and activities that make me grounded, including my yoga practice and spa therapies.

T+L India: What are the three yoga poses you’d recommend?

Anshuka Parwani: Instead of three, I’d say do one: Surya namaskar. It has 12 moves in total, which work [on] your entire body. Have a pranayama practice daily, too.

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