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Up For Some Adventure? Check Out These 10 Glass Skywalks Around The World

The first time I heard of walking on glass and viewing the valleys was at the Grand Canyon in the USA. And since then, while I’ve heard of many such glass skywalks, I’ve never had the chance to actually walk on one. If you’re someone like me, who’s looking for such walkways, this story is for you! By Anushka Goel

I love nature, and I love the mountains. Often on road trips up the hills, I like to take breaks, stop for chai or simply find a scenic spot and stand on the edge, as I scan the vast valleys before me. This makes me wonder just how thrilling it must be, to walk on one of the glass skywalks, and get a 360-degree view of the hills and valleys – even below me!

While the adventure isn’t unattainable, it’s something I haven’t had the opportunity to explore yet, even the ones in India. And if you’re like me, on the lookout for adventure, check out these glass walkways around the world to visit once the pandemic is under control.

Glass walkways around the world

Pelling, Sikkim

If you want to tread on a skywalk but haven’t been able to do so because they’re all located globally, fret not. Sikkim’s Pelling has India’s first glass skywalk located opposite the statue of Chenrezig, Nestled amid the Himalayas, it makes for the most magnificent views – both around you and of the deep valleys below!

Rajgir, Nalanda, Bihar

The second skywalk in the country, this one’s located in Rajgir, Bihar. The 85 feet long and six feet wide bridge is located at a height of 250 feet and has a viewing gallery at one end. It was constructed, along with a Nature Safari, with hopes of increasing footfall in the region and the state.

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, China

The world’s highest and longest glass skywalk, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge is 430 metres long and six metres wide and is located 300 metres above the ground. It is said to be strong enough to have a car pass through it and provides scenic views of the mountains and the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park below it.

Grand Canyon, the USA

the 70-feet skywalk is horseshoe-shaped and makes you feel like you’re on the edge of the earth. With glass all around, you can walk up to the very edge of the skywalk and (if you’re daring enough), peek down into thousands of feet worth of empty space below you.

Glacier Skywalk, Canada

Located in the Jasper National Park, the glass-floored walkway is located 280 metres above the Sunwapta Canyon. It makes for incredible views of snow-capped peaks glaciers, wildlife, and more.

Brave Men’s Bridge, China

The Haohan Qiao, or “Brave Men’s Bridge,” is located in National Geological Park in the Hunan Province in China. The all-glass skywalk has a 900-foot span of glass walkway located nearly 600 feet above a sheer drop between two cliffs in the region and makes for spectacular views all around.

The Chamonix Skywalk, France

Image: Shutterstock

Not exactly a skywalk but a sky room of sorts, this place lets you stand in a room made completely of glass, and experience the scenic mountain views like no place else before. Access to ‘Step Into The Void’, which the glass room is called, is free, but visitors have to pay for the Chamonix – Aiguille du Midi 3777-metre cable car ride.

Dachstein Glacier, Austria

With one of the most stunning views on offer, the Dachstein Glacier Skywalk is a glass viewing gallery that can be accessed after climbing down a flight of 14 narrow stairs – you guessed it – surrounded by glass. The place also boasts of a skywalk, suspension bridge, ice palace, and the panorama gondola, for tourists to come and experience.

Sapa Glass Bridge, Vietnam

Image: Shutterstock

The glass skywalk, also called Cau Kinh Rong May, is located about 17 kilometres from the Sapa Town Centre. The bridge offers a beautiful 360-degree view of the town to the visitors, and makes for stunning pictures, too!

Tower Bridge, London, UK

Tower Bridge’s addition, a glass-bottomed walkway, is a fun way to spend the weekend with family, friends and your pooches! The place offers views of the roads below, along with the chance to see the central span open and a boat pass underneath!

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