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The List Of Cheapest Countries For The Most Sunshine Is Out – Guess Where India Ranks?

The list of cheapest countries to travel to for some sunshine is out, and India ranks ninth! Here are all the other nations that made it to the list. By Anushka Goel

Recent research by ParkSleepFly has analysed the number of hours popular tourist destinations across the world receive sunshine, along with the average cost of staying at these places, to create a list of places you can travel to if you’re craving some sun but don’t want to spend a bomb. And yes, India is also among the cheapest countries you can visit for some sunshine!

Cheapest countries to visit for some sunshine

Tirana, Albania

According to the research, the cheapest destination is Tirana in Albania. The place is among the sunniest vacation spots, with an average of 9.5 hours of sunshine every day. What’s more, the average cost per sunshine hour is just INR 456!

Bali, Indonesia

The second among the cheapest countries to visit for sunshine is Indonesia’s Bali. Denpasar, Bali has an average cost per sunshine hour of INR 526 and sees about 8.6 hours of sunshine per day.

Johannesburg, South Africa

The third cheapest destination on the list is Johannesburg in South Africa. The sunny destination is often visited for its climate, wildlife and scenic sights, and insights into local culture, and it clocks in an average of 9.1 hours of sunshine every day! What’s more, the cost per sunshine hour is just INR 622, making it a great (and affordable) destination to travel to!

Bucharest, Romania

Romania’s Bucharest clocks in an average 8.2 hours of sunshine every day, making it a great destination for those looking for some cheap travel destinations that are sunny. What’s more, the cost per sunshine hour is just INR 638, making it highly affordable, too!

Nicosia, Cyprus

Cyprus ranks next among the cheapest countries to travel to for sunshine. With average sunshine of a massive 10 hours a day, the destination clocks in at just INR 757 as the cost per sunshine hour, making it a super affordable and beautiful travel destination.

Fresno, California

Next on the list is the USA’s Fresno, in California. With an average of 10.2 hours of sunshine daily, the destination makes for a great vacation spot. What’s more, it’s among the places in the USA that’s easy on the pocket, with a cost per sunshine hour of just INR 760.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is a stunning city to visit, and also makes for among the cheapest destinations to visit in countries that receive a lot of sunshine. With an average 10.1 hours of daily sun, the cost per sunshine hour comes to just INR 793, making it a great choice for a vacation with the sun, sand and a lot of culture.

Rhodes, Greece

If a Greek vacation is what you seek, and are craving sometime in the sun, head to Rhodes, which offers an average 10.1 hours of sunshine daily. What’s more, the stunning destination offers ample beaches and clear blue skies for you to enjoy, at the cost per sunshine hour of INR 840!

Panaji, Goa

Yes, a sun-filled vacation is not that far from home! Goa, with its ample beaches and hill destinations, is home to a variety of terrains and plenty of fun. What’s more, the destination ranks ninth in the list of cheapest countries to visit for sunshine, making it a great place to be at – especially for the winters, if you live in the northern region of the country. With an average nine hours of sun daily, the cost per sunshine hour comes to INR 853, which is a steal.

Phuket, Thailand

Clear blue waters, cold beverages and the hot sun – Phuket offers all this and more at a mere cost per sunshine hour of INR 856, making the place a must-visit. It is also among the most visited destinations for Indians, who are looking for beaches away from home, and provides an average 9.5 hours of sun daily.

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of Omar Elsharawy/Unsplash

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