As glamorous as city life can be, we often crave a break. Embark upon these hiking trails near Bengaluru and surround yourself with the comforts of nature. By Naina Atri

Sometimes, an elaborate getaway may be far too difficult to plan when your craving for an escape from everyday life gets too strong. The importance of finding a space for yourself to escape the rush of city life cannot be stressed enough – a place to get in touch with yourself. We suggest finding a nearby hiking trail. After all, what’s better than a space that embodies the calm of nature?

8 Hiking Trails Near Bengaluru To Bring You Closer To Nature

Avalahalli Forest


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This hiking trail near Bengaluru, Avalahalli Forest, takes one through verdant greenery that has been kept plastic-free and clean – the perfect setting for a calming walk to clear one’s mind. While the butterflies seem to be more willing to accompany you along your walk, you will need to keep your eyes out for the few peacocks and peahens of the forest. Finding an escape as pristine as Avalahalli is rare, but a it’s find that you will always find yourself drawn to.

Savandurga Hill

hiking near Bengaluru
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Take on a hiking trail up Asia’s largest monolith, the Savandurga Hill. With the promise of spectacular views of reservoirs and the nearby Arkavathi River, many have embarked upon this trek. The hill comprises two hills: Karigudda(Black hill) and Billigudda (White hill). Of the two, the climb up Billigudda is slightly easier. The trek overall is demanding but exciting at the same time. There are also different water activities to enjoy at the end of the hike, from kayaking to swimming in the Manchanabele Dam.

Nandi Hills

hiking near Bengaluru
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Nandi Hills is a beloved destination for Bangaloreans. The start of the hiking trail near Bengaluru is from Sultanpet, where one finds the stairs that were once used during Tipu Sultan’s time. With trees on either side providing cool shade, the walk up the stairs is incredibly pleasant. Walk past the Sri Gavi Veerabadhra Swamy temple found within a cave formation, the red building that was used as Tipu Sultan’s rest-house and a step-well reservoir built in 1928. With a few more landmarks along the way, which includes the slightly morbid Tipu’s Drop, this trail is best-visited on a hot summer’s day. It isn’t too long of a walk, which makes it an ideal and quick escape.

Kunti Betta

A historically significant landmark 150 kilometres outside of Bangalore is the Kunti Betta hill. Named after the mother of the five Pandava brothers, the hill owes its mythological significance to the belief that it was where the Pandavas and Kunti ended their 14 year-long exile. At an elevation of 2882 meters above sea level, Kunti Betta consists of two hillocks that take approximately an hour to cover. The hiking trails end with the view of sugarcane and paddy fields, and the Thonnur lake.

Ettina Bhuja Trek

hiking near Bengaluru
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The Ettina Bhuja is part of the scenic Charmadi Ghat, of the larger Western Ghats range. A hidden gem, the trek up Etttina Bhuja, Kannada for Ox’s Mountain, is one you must explore. Locally known as the, Shishila Gudda trek, the hiking trail quickly leads one into a lush forest full of chirping birds. Along with a view of the Ettina Bhuja peak, one also gets to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding valleys and hills. There are different trails to take, that can be covered within three hours. The diversity of the landscapes one passes through, which includes bamboo plantations, keep the mind constantly engaged.

Suvarnamuki Temple Loop


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The Suvarnamuki Temple hiking trail is four kilometre long walk found on the outskirts of the city, near the Bannerghatta National Park. The temples along the way act as milestones and so one may come across pilgrims as well. Though a climb up rocks is part of the trail, it isn’t too difficult. The hill is the namesake of the Suvarnamukhi pond, which is said to contain medicinal properties. As you hike, you may catch a glimpse of pilgrims dipping into the the waters of the pond. Food from vendors along the trail will make for a quick little picnic before you head back down.


hiking near Bengaluru
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Madhugiri is Asia’s second-largest monolith, and trek up the ‘Honey Hill’ must not be missed. Atop Madhugiri is a fort built by Raja Hire Gowda in the 17th century. A hiking trail that brings together history and nature is just what you need. Walk through remarkable architecture, bastions and stone carvings that have still largely maintained their forms. The trek can be taxing, but the peak at the end provides a bird’s eye view of the town below – one that becomes all the more enthralling to the worn-out hiker. A fulfilling sense of accomplishment will motivate you to dive right back into your life.


Adventure fanatics, this one’s for you! The Anthargange is a natural volcanic rock formation that makes for quite the formidable trek. The hiking trail up Anthargange (Ganges from the depths) comprises a perennial spring, caves and temples. Perhaps the most important of which is the Sri Kashi Vishweshara Temple a.k.a the Kashi of the South. A day-long trek with friends, that begins at night, will provide just the right amount of rush and thrill.

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