Host A Bash For Your Pal At These Exclusive Bachelor Party Destinations In India

Has the much-awaited countdown of your best buddy’s D-day already begun? And, have you thought of executing the most important responsibility yet? Of course, we are talking about your friend’s bachelor party which should ideally be the ultimate need of the hour at this point. We surely agree that such celebrations are truly a big deal. And, to ensure you’re completely sorted when it comes to figuring out the perfect bachelor party destinations, here’s our curated list for you. By Shrestha Purkayastha

With already a lot to wrap up for your best friend’s big day, these additional nuts and bolts call for brainstorming to another tangent. Whether you’re scared, anxious, petrified, numb or even the happiest, for your friend would be finally getting off your shoulders, you can always think of throwing a crazy-hazy party for your dear friend to honour those remaining few good days of fun and freedom like no other and also in style. However, even if it’s not you but the rest of your group hosting the party instead, you could be one step ahead by suggesting to them the best destinations to look for. 

Organise your tours at some of these finest bachelor party destinations in India

Bachelor Trip Destinations In India
Image Credit: Jed Villejo/Unsplash

While most of you would long to book tickets to Las Vegas and imagine a bachelor party ending with a deadly hangover, it may not always be possible due to a number of justifiable reasons. And, distance, as well as time restriction, are a few of them. For, so much time goes into planning the outfit, the theme, the entry song, the fun and frolic rituals, and your designed speech for the day, that having to spend those short worthy days with your own very own group seems like a distant dream when you finally start giving it thought. 

Keep scrolling down for the most one-of-a-kind destinations to cheer your bachelorhood amidst a plethora of offbeat options that you weren’t even aware of, that too in India itself!

If you’re wondering what’s with adding “old” to Manali, here’s the simplest clarification. The River Beas of north India, which takes off in the Himalayas in Central Himachal Pradesh is what actually distinguishes Old Manali and New Manali. Once you’ve crossed the river, you’ll step into a beautifully detached version of Manali, that is the Old Manali. Some sections of Old Manali will even resemble a retro movie. For, a place that narrates the hippie culture, a place where a trip with your friends would be more suitable than a trip with your family, a place where the hidden aisles only tend to attract the wanderers and backpackers, is what literally defines the outline of this Old Manali.

It is popularly believed that the minute you step into the landscape of Old Manali, the aroma of tranquillity and purity budding straight from the waterfalls, the absolute vibe of spiritual energy engulfs you magnetically. If you’re one troop of adventurous people and trekking could be a part of the plan then this unique place ought to reserve its name under your list of some of the best bachelor party destinations in India. Right from fancy international cuisines to satisfying Indian cuisines, from being a base for trekking all the way to Spiti Valley to rafting, rappelling, rock climbing, and even paragliding, this extraordinarily maintained offbeat part of Manali has it all covered for your unforgettable bachelor’s trip.

Even if it’s a last-minute plan and you see no time for an international trip for your bachelor’s bash, the aesthetic and out-of-the-world panoramic locations of India will always come to your rescue. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one such destination. Whether it’s the exciting nightlife of this island or the rhythm of its pristine water tides, this destination gives you to spend a rememberable time that has a smooth blend of both thrill and serenity.

The sheer vibe stays just as intact throughout the day and doesn’t drop by an inch even till the end of the night at this Indian Union Territory. Imagine plunging into the blue waters, sunbathing on the white silver sand by the shore with some chilled beer, and those outlandish beach resorts serving you the best cuisines and seafood to give company to your appetite at the end of the day; what a relaxing detox would that be! This destination has a whole different aura altogether for you and your group to have a bachelor party that you wouldn’t get tired of recalling for years! 


If you’re in search of a bachelor party destination in India that would greet you with all the adventurous beauty and talked-about charm then Gokarna must be this one haven on your mind. This temple town is famously known for being home to an innumerable count of dazzling temples but that surely doesn’t stop you from hosting your bachelor’s celebration because you might not have peeped into this place’s secret trails yet. If you happen to think of this town in South India, prepare yourself for a heap of adventures that await.

Beginning from the beach trek to completing with stargazing, this airy town has a lot in its bag to offer you. Here, you’ll come across some really gorgeous beaches but you can’t find them as randomly as you walk down the roads. You have to cover an entire trek to reach one beach at a time. So, if you’ve joined hands with a gang of absolute trek lovers, conquering every possible beach would seem worthwhile each time. Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Gokarna Beach, Paradise Beach and Half moon Beach are the primary beaches in Gokarna where you don’t have to think twice before partying your hearts out.

Puducherry, previously synonymous with the name of Puducherry, takes all the pride in being a culturally abundant combination of French architecture and South Indian civilisation. This seaside wonderland proposes an assembly of heavenly fresh seafood and smashing beaches for you to rejuvenate in this settlement of pure bliss.

Puducherry gratifies each and every traveller’s needs. Whether it’s the bizarre villas you’re looking to book or French-composed houses and homestays, you’ll be served with options of every kind on your table. After all, avoid getting overwhelmed by the peaceful ambience and peculiar lifestyle because Puducherry has always a suitcase filled with surprises ready!

It is obvious for you to brainstorm places for spending the remaining treasured days of your bachelorhood in style before the big day starts knocking at the door. Having said that, India’s this Union Territory could act as a one-stop solution in minimising your list a little bit. Ladakh is doubtlessly one of the coolest bachelor party destinations in India. As they all say, hitting a road trip to Ladakh is one of the definite things to do at least once in your life. And, could there be a worthier celebration than a bachelor party itself? 

Hire a set of bikes, grab those leather jackets and ride all the way through the snowflakes roads alongside the mountains only to have a wing-ding of a lifetime. Delving into ghastly terrain and exhilarating sceneries will promisingly deliver you a bunch of travel diaries. The glowing lakes, the gorgeous echoing roads, the blasted long cliffs and the towering high canyons will be magically complementing those few days of your bachelor’s trip.

This wedding season, if you aren’t really looking into any destination that is cliche, then Jaisalmer would gladly invite you to plan your spree of bachelor at its abode. The King of Sands has been on the radar for a good while now, for being one of the popular destinations in India to throw a bachelor party. You can behold the sunset on the golden sand, and perceive the breathtaking views from your respective huts or bungalows while savouring some chilled beer and vibing around the bonfire.

This princely state in Rajasthan has got almost everything covered that travellers are ardently looking for. Just for the record, this famed city in Rajasthan decks up into more tour-worthy during the night. Absolutely, if you acquaint yourself with the nightlife of Jaisalmer, you would blindly lock this place for all your celebrations. For, this fascinating city appears way more attractive under the moonlight while also giving you a ride through its fun activities.

Ziro Valley is this magnificent plateau which is 167 km from Itanagar. Wrapped elsewhere in the daunting mountain site of Arunachal Pradesh, this valley is a pleasing holiday harbour in North India which draws everyone with its spellbinding unpolished grace garnished with lounges of rice fields, and flowing lush green hills concealed by massive layers of vivid flora. While the serenity of this magnetic town composes it to be that of a soul seekers heaven, its dramatic charm additionally attracts a good number of photographers and nature admirers, especially those travellers who make their journey to this place to get detached from their usual routine for a good while. 

This oldest town in Arunachal Pradesh proves to be a far-out destination that interwinds your heart straight to nature’s lap. If you and your group are looking for some wildlife spree or even jungle camping fun, Ziro valley comprises all the possible options as per your varied interests. Those weather-beaten mountains, painted skies, and exciting daring bustles make this place one of the best go-to offbeat locations in India for a unique bachelor’s trip. 

The big day is already on its way to your door and your quenching thirst for that one last solo beer does make all the sense! This is why this small suburb of Himachal Pradesh is perfect for a momentous bachelor party destination. Kasol, a pretty small village planted in Paravati Valley alongside the Parvati river, has been progressively reserving its seats for all the bold and sportive bachelors out there.

Kasol likely captivates you with vibes that get you high in all true senses. Significantly, high on life and high on nature. The gigantic Himalayan snow-garnished peaks with statutes of lush blue-green land underside make a coherent destination for bachelor’s fun! Popularly, Kasol might not be that typical bachelor party hub as you picturise from the fiction but could there be a better way of having most of this time with your boys by warming up in those well-built tents camped just by the side of the spouting river Ganga?

Goa has time and again been this irreplaceable venue for celebrating bromance like none other. If your bros have diverse personalities, where one could be a sports person while the other could be a lazy bum on the beach person, where one could be an adventure-seeker and the other looking for beer outlets, Goa offers you everything under the sun. With the voluminous presence of casinos, flashy nightclubs, beach resorts and alcoholic avenues, Goa isn’t addressed as the party capital of India just for its namesake.

This smallest state in India is an entertainment-filled hangout station for you to have the best weekend for a bachelor party with your army. Whether you’re up for a theme party at one of its magnetic beaches or heading to book a cruise to make those good number of days count, Goa wouldn’t make you regret choosing it as your one-stop hub. With a bunch of jubilant activities, this paradise is quite stubborn when it comes to spoiling you with an overflow of choices. 

Mumbai happens to be yet another engaging city in India that can certainly satisfy your search for a valuable and satisfactory bachelor party destination even if it’s an unplanned or a late execution. The city of dreams does fulfil every dream encircling celebration and glory. Regardless of your admiration for a quiet place, your desire to carry yourself far away from the city crowd, your energetic indulgence to vibe to electric music, or your classy urge to look for something regal, Mumbai has got it all placed for you.

You can fearlessly anticipate having one hell of a rejoicing time with your pals in diverse corners of this interesting city. Reasonably, it could be the city’s celebratory aura that Mumbai is included as one of the best bachelor party destinations in India. From shaking a leg to famous Bollywood numbers to live band shows, this city will certainly keep your mood vibing all night as intact as it should ideally be.

Hero Image Credit: Elevate/Unsplash; Feature Image Credit: Kats Weil/Unsplash

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Host A Bash For Your Pal At These Exclusive Bachelor Party Destinations In India
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