Plan A Fanatical Night-Out For Your Next Weekend At Some Of These Best Pubs In Mumbai

Plenty of whole-hearted public of Mumbai bumping into the town seeking ways to rejuvenate and celebrate after a pretty long day at work is what you’ll frequently find here. After all, the city isn’t addressed as the Maximum City for nothing. From karaoke and sports bistros to lounges and nightclubs, Mumbai has it all. However, since you don’t wanna overwhelm yourself with a heavy pile of all the locations already, a nicely curated list of some of the best pubs in Mumbai could be of great help for starters. By Shrestha Purkayastha

The city of dreams is a tank of excitement that the rest of the world will not be prepared for. And, the energetic tonic of its crazy nightlife is a lot to take in. Partying in Mumbai is a contrasting experience, including bars, pubs, street theatre, live art, and even the random restaurant that suddenly announces to turn into something offbeat as soon as the sun sets on the horizon. Mumbai, really is just that type of a zone, altogether.

These best pubs in Mumbai are also the best to spice up your weekend

Bars and Nightclubs
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Regardless of how long you’ve been residing in this city, how many times you’ve been an avid visitor or a traveller, or someone who simply happens to know this place in and out, the fact is, you can never get enough of Mumbai. It just never gets tired of refreshing itself and its people. Believe it or not, there is something magnetic about the bars and pubs in Mumbai. Could there be a more fitting way to live it up with your gang with some booming music and a quart of beer? Just one step at these doors, and the places make you take off all the heat and hassle that survival in a city of nearly thirteen million can possibly form. Let’s enlighten you deeper about some of the best pubs in Mumbai.

The Flying Saucer in Mumbai is an unbeatable competitor in the Lounge Bars’ league in Mumbai. This famed address is the ultimate harbour benefitting both locals and customers belonging to different areas of Mumbai. Mostly Indian cuisine is what this bar takes utmost pride in. Right from delectable chocolate lava cakes and luscious chocolate custard, this place is simultaneously known for its gin, whiskey and rum. Their evenings turn into the mood for some live music, charming ambience, and splendid set-up.

This voluminous, upbeat, and comfy pub is positioned in Worli, Mumbai. Starting with a feel of the middle east to a vibrant touch of a modern look, this amusement haven has a lot in its bag to welcome you with. They have homespun cocktails and mocktails, which one can truly not afford to ignore. You can safely go ahead with bookmarking this place for late-night parties, smashed lunches or romantic dates. The ambience of its decor ignites eye-catching sculptures and neon colours as its stand-out image, signing its name under some of the best pubs in Mumbai

A plentiful of street-treat and weakness for fusion are anyway worldwide famous. But nothing defeats the wholeness of variety that this Mumbai pub effortlessly showcases. With a beautifully contrasted blend of ingredients, flavours, spices and a variety of cooking methods, Mitron in Mumbai has combined an interesting menu which features the characters of Indian street food. Additionally, the happiness of boozing comes at an affordable price here. They do not just have a one-of-a-kind collection of Bottles at premium rates but even have promotional sales and combo offers.

You can promisingly have an unforgettable experience at this best pub in Mumbai if you happen to book a table beforehand. With both comfortable facilities of indoor and outdoor seating, the entire ambience is breathtaking enough to make you drop by this place time and again. One side of the view it offers is coated with the scenic beauty of mountains and the other side gives you the feel of sipping like a queen, ruling the world from the top, for you get an amazing view of the city life coated with towering high buildings and lighted roads. This hub is popularly known for its on-time service, lip-smacking food, and live music gigs.

The Bombay Cartel in Mumbai is one of the leading participants in the North Indian restaurants category. You want to get tipsy but you’re looking for strict vegetarian or maybe Jain food as additions? Then this should be your one-stop destination. With a decorated menu and ample served quantity, this place truly takes you on an aesthetic ride altogether. What you call an Instagram-worthy place, this harbour ticks off that category too. Along with variant hookah flavours, their happy hours are always waving back on a day-to-day basis.

One of the best pubs in Mumbai to eat and drink, Brew Dog comprises epic combinations to light up your tables. They own an amazing collection of food choices, starting from their unique pizzas, burgers, and wing menus, they have specially curated small and large plates for groups of every size and affairs of every kind. This place demonstrates craft beer from all around the world and takes immense enjoyment while serving you their oh-so-fascinating options.

Agent Jack’s Bar happens to be a theme bar where customers land a chance to communicate with a bartender virtually! The customers, with the help of an app, bargain the prices of their drinks, that is, they propose their choice of prices to Agent Jack, the digital bartender. This uniquely interesting aspect of this bar designates it as one of the best pubs in Mumbai. Further, Agent Jack may or may not agree with the proposed price, and each rejected offer is taken after smart and hilarious responses that urge the customers to try again. 

This lounge in Mumbai, along with its loud and energetic vibe overall, is widely known for its exceptional service. It is popularly said that even if you happen to visit this place at some odd hour or even when it is close to shutting down, it will still warmly welcome you to have a seat and serve you with all the possible options available, then. Who opens their gates especially for its customers in today’s date, anyway? Although the mocktails could seem a bit costly the taste makes it all worth it. The diversity in their menu makes the hub a great place for a room stuffed with an enthusiastic crowd all the time.

If your search is looking for a place that serves cuisines from all over the world, if it offers free wi-fi, if it is kids friendly if it has outdoor seating, or even if it has room for facilities that serves disabled people as well, the British Brewing Company has all the positive answers to all your questions. You get everything under the sun. A world-class casual pub, with interiors illuminating the feel of retro, this place is entirely tech-savvy and serves fresh warm delicacies, and beverages to go all crazy for. The music selection of this place is a must highlight along with its assorted menu for every different table. You can tick off this place regardless of visiting with your friends or with your family.

House of Lords, is a buffet restaurant that could be the best option if you and your gang are the kinds of people who are always on the lookout for a sumptuous meal. If you have plans to reserve a table at this place in your calendar for your next weekend’s entertaining party, and if your plan further calls for getting wasted the entire night, then stuffing your stomach with good food would be mandatory. This is where the diversified buffet option of this haven comes into action. With a good enough assorted menu for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, you get a four-course meal to gobble before you pass out.

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Plan A Fanatical Night-Out For Your Next Weekend At Some Of These Best Pubs In Mumbai
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