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Kashmir Aims For The ‘Golfing Capital Of India’ Title With New Tournament

The Jammu and Kashmir Department of Tourism is playing host to an exciting golf tournament. Based at the Royal Springs Golf Course in Srinagar and the Lidder Valley Golf Course in Pahalgam, the event will see over 88 sportsmen compete. Here’s all about it. By Eshita Srinivas

Come summer, the Switzerland of the East turns into a haven for all things golf. With the reputation for being home to a throng of adventure sports as well as one of the world’s highest green golf courses and clubhouses – The Gulmarg Golf Club – Kashmir draws tourists to its golf courses in spades. Not to mention, the surrounding mountains and chinar trees make for a breathtaking experience for the players. To boost this further, the region’s tourism department is currently hosting an exciting tournament.

Kashmir’s golf tournament has over 88 participants

Kashmir reportedly has over three international-standard golf courses, each in Srinagar, Pahalgam, and Gulmarg. This particular tournament, however, is being held at the Royal Springs Golf Course in Srinagar and the Lidder Valley Golf Course in Pahalgam. So far, News18 reports, over 88 golfers have signed up, including some from South India that are a part of the Addicts Golfing Society – the oldest in India.

With this, the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department aims to promote the golfing circuit in the valley and attract domestic and international players and enthusiasts. Adding to this Sarmad Hafeez, the Secretary of the Tourism Department stated that the government body was working hard to make the region the golfing capital of India, elaborating that he sees great potential in Kashmir, Greater Kashmir reports. This tournament will, hence, lay the groundwork for better events in the future and has all necessary arrangements in place.

According to the tourism department’s official website, Kashmir has world-class facilities for golfers, both beginners and experts. Instructors are available and the cost of signing up is low. Additionally, the high altitude and low temperatures allow for longer hours in comparison to the plains.

All images: Tourism Department of Jammu and Kashmir

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