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Shivan & Narresh

Designer Duo

Shivan Bhatia and Narresh Kukreja is a designer-duo known for their quirky perspective, which often stems from their travels. From art and architecture to flora and fauna, the designers have an eye for detail wherever they go exploring. Their varied sources of inspiration have not only evolved into beautiful apparel, but have also put local artisanship on the global map. For instance, their most recent Patu Series is an exemplary fusion of West Bengal’s pattachitra and Andhra Pradesh’s tholu bommalata (shadow puppet tradition). Having visited nearly 30 countries so far, the two have learned to adjust to each other’s contrasting travel styles. While Narresh likes to plan things meticulously, Shivan is all for spontaneity. “But together, we make a good team.”

“Travel has been a part of everything that we do—from finding inspiration on our trips to incorporating it in our designs.”