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Sudhir Shivaram

Wildlife Photographer

Sudhir Shivaram is a wildlife photographer who loves the diverse habitats found in Indian jungles. A solo traveller who loves to spend time in the lap of nature and its ample silence, Shivaram likes to stay focussed on one destination, which he chooses based on the species he wants to capture. Travelling is Shivaram’s “second love” ever since he quit his corporate job in 2013. “It’s the joy of my life—exploring the various wildlife sanctuaries of our country and not having any kind of deadline to get back to, or for that matter, going to office on a Monday morning!” Regularly listed among the most influential people in the Indian photography industry and decorated with multiple awards, Shivaram loves imparting his shutter wisdom in online tutorials and on photography expeditions in the wild.

“I am not a great fan of travelling to and exploring cities. I would rather stick to my nature destinations.”