The holiday season is here, and with it, the spirit of generosity and joy of gift-giving. And as your nomadic loved ones zero in on their next destination, you’re bound to be confused about what you can leave under their Christmas tree. We’ve got you covered with our guide to the best Christmas gifts for avid travellers. By Eshita Srinivas

Although the Omicron variant has led to tightened restrictions and dampened travel plans this holiday season, there’s no bad time to give the globetrotters in your life something that would make their time on the road a lot easier. From space-saving organiser bags to must-have portable speakers, this guide is rooted in practicality and curated with a dash of hope for a better travelling future. Here are a few travel must-haves that double up as great Christmas presents.

11 best Christmas gifts for avid travellers in 2021

A Weekend Bag

With COVID-19 restrictions still in place, travellers might have to look much closer to home to satiate their nomadic spirit. A short weekend trip or a road trip to a destination close by once things settle down is the perfect option to rejuvenate after a difficult year. And this easy-to-carry, time and space-saving, the water-repellent weekend bag makes the whole process a lot easier. The top folds out like a suitcase and the front has separate compartments for easy access to things you’d need at hand. The bag also has separate compartments for your laptop and toiletries and can be carried in-hand or swung across the shoulder. To make things better, it’s the same dimensions as a cabin bag, so you don’t have to check it in.

Image: Credits Ikea

Containers For Liquids

Stuffing several bottles and tubes of liquids into a bag is playing with fire. You never know when a hurriedly-shut bottle of moisturiser decides to leak through the contents of your bag and leave them smelling vaguely of lavender and cocoa butter. These containers are leakproof and come in different sizes, so you can take just about enough of everything from shampoo to sunscreen for your trip. The larger tops are best suited to thicker liquids, while the smaller ones are ideal for fluid liquids. Once you’re back, wash them out, and they’re ready to be re-used.

Image: Credits Ikea

Swiss Knife

When it comes to hikers, campers, and people who travel by road often, a Swiss knife makes for invaluable travel kit addition. From chopping up vegetables and filing nails to opening bottles and picking out a bit of spinach lodged in between two teeth, there’s a whole range of things a Swiss knife comes in handy for. This particular one comes with several blades, a can opener, a toothpick, metal saw, wire stripper, keyring, pliers, hook, and screwdriver, among other things, which are stowed inside the handle through a pivot point mechanism.

Image: Credits Amazon

Storage Bag For Electronics

Having to untangle several different cables and wires until you’re finally able to use the one gadget you needed in the first place can be time-consuming, to say the least. Not to mention the time that it takes to put all your electronic devices back in place once they go through the security check at the airport. This organiser is perfect to keep things clutter-free and easy to access. It’s made of durable waterproof nylon and has zipper mesh pockets as well as slip-resistant elastic loops that can securely hold your phone, power banks, portable hard drives, different USB cables, ear pods, and more. The padded dividers can also be moved according to the kind of storage space you need and the bag itself is lightweight with an easy-to-carry handle.

Image: Credits Amazon

Quirky Passport Holder

This one’s a fun take on a classic present for a globetrotter. It comes with different sleeves for passports, boarding passes, credit cards, money, and any other important travel documents. The design has quirky prints featuring destinations from across the world and is a perfect symbol of wanderlust. This one’s ideal for when you’d like to instil a sense of hope and fun into the life of a nomad who’s had a drab year of travel.

Image: Credits Amazon

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

With the promise of a party on the road, portable speakers are the best way to take your music with you wherever you go. Whether it’s to throw an impromptu beach party or watch a movie in a backpacker hostel when the rain thwarts the day’s plans, this one’s a must-have for wanderers who love a good tune with great sound quality. This particular product comes with 20 hours of playtime, which is needed for long hours on the road. It’s also waterproof and connects with up to two smartphones. To make things better, it’s got a great sound signature.

Image: Credits Amazon

Digital Tyre Inflator

On a road trip, you might not always have a petrol station around the corner to get the air in your tires checked and filled. And driving with a low tire pressure can lower gas mileage at best and lead to accidents on the road at worst. This digital tyre inflator comes in handy and is a great option to give to those who love driving down to different spots. The compact size makes it easy to store in the trunk and comes in a carrying case for better portability. It also has a built-in LED light which helps when working in the dark. The digital gauge checks the air pressure consistently and the product works to inflate tyres for both motorcycles and cars.

Image: Credits Amazon

Digital Luggage Scale

We’ve all got a loved one with a penchant for overpacking while on the road. And it isn’t always easy to find a weighing scale everywhere you go so as to ensure you’re packing enough to stay under the limits established by different airlines. This scale comes with an easy-to-read LCD display that has a backlight for night vision. It also provides the option to switch the weight units according to which country you’re in, without having to do conversions and doesn’t take up too much space in a bag. It comes with the promise of saving both your time and money without having to repack at the airport or pay extra baggage fees.

Image: Credits Amazon

Travel Blanket

With the winter chill setting in this holiday season, a travel blanket is perfect to stay warm on long flights, camping trips, or bus rides. The ideal travel blanket is warm without being too bulky and is easy to care for. This polyester polar fleece blanket checks all of those boxes. It’s soft and durable and won’t take up too much space in your bag as compared to regular blankets.

Image: Credits Amazon

Portable Espresso Maker

For the voyager who also happens to be a coffee aficionado, there’s no better present than a device that helps them have their morning cuppa just the way they like it, even while on the road. Easy to slip into a bag, this espresso maker comes with a strong pumping system and works well with all varieties of ground coffee. It’s also easy to use and clean and is lightweight. This is an ideal travel companion for those who can’t do without their hit of caffeine in the morning.

Image: Credits Amazon


The debate between digital and physical books might never get resolved in reader circles, but one thing’s for sure, an e-book is a lot more convenient for a frequent flier. This edition of Kindle comes with an adjustable front light that makes for a comfortable reading experience any time of the day, whether indoors or outdoors. It’s got a display that reads like real paper and readers can choose to display the cover of the book they’re reading on the device’s lock screen, making the experience as close to that of reading a physical book without the added stress of losing luggage space.

Image: Credits Amazon

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